The last stage of the development is done by producing a limited prototype quantity for final validation.

Prototyping is only true way to evaluate and validate a product. No calculation or simulation process tests a developed product as well as an actual prototype.

The prototyping Process

We handle all the prototype process including all material purchase, communication with manufacturers, and components assembly.

The engineering drawings and files generated in the development process are sent to manufacturers.

We use different manufacturers depending on the complexity of the design. For example a blank printed circuit board (PCB) can cost as low as 5 dollars to produce, while a complex PCB can cost as much a as 2000$.

Simple $10 PCB example

Components are either hand assembled using solder iron, or sent to machine assembly in factory, depending on the complexity and the number of required units.

In very small quantities, hand assembly will be quicker and cheaper, but as the quantity increases it is better to use machine assembly.

The good news is that the client does not have to trouble himself with these considerations, this is for us to take care of as part of our expertise.

Hand assembly example
Machine assembled example

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