Research & Development

We provide full product design, from the simplest of products, to more complex designs.

UDL Hardware Engineering idea sketch
Your idea sketched on a “memo page” will become a  
development project.

Planning, Definitions, Calculations

At this stage, the foundations of the design are laid out, all calculations, block diagrams and problem solving are raised and solved.

Consider the importance of this stage: for instance, if you choose a simple component that is 10 Cents higher priced, when reaching mass production and manufacturing 10,000 pieces, it will cost a $1000 more!

Engineering Drawings

The engineering drawings are the “blueprint” of the product, they are the most important asset to be passed on to the client.

We provide tidy and clear drawings, that can be used independently at any time the client wishes to manufacture or improve his product.

Testing & Measuring

The final stage before releasing a project is actual validation of the product’s prototype.  No product can be released without thorough testing and validating of the prototype.

When the development is done you get a neat package of all the raw material for production:

  Schematic files
  PCB layout files
  PCB manufacturing files (gerber files)
  Components assembly files
  Source code (firmware files)
  All research and calculations files