Supply Chain Management

The process of supply chain is costly and requires professional management. Correct inventory, and supplier management play a crucial role in the success of a product and can reduce expenses significantly.

There are a lot of factors to be considered:

Correct material preparation

When approaching manufacturing plant, it is very important to prepare a set of full production files. Otherwise the manufacturing plant can offer a very attractive initial quote, that will not cover multiple expenses. The extra expenses will be revealed only after the actual production has started. The material must include electrical BOM, mechanical BOM, assembly instructions and many other files that needs to be prepared.

For example: the packaging process can add an extra of 0.5$ per unit (depends on the packaging complexity). When producing 10 thousand units that will add 5,000$ to the cost! 

Production handling

  • It is very-very! important to have a reliable manufacturing plant (usually in China). It is critical to have a plant that has a proven quality and can be trusted to have a good long-term relationship.

  • The production handling will need to take care of all the different aspects:
  • How will the material be purchased? turn-key/ assembly only.
  • Purchasing long lead items (LLI) in a timely manner.
  • Define what is the standard lead time for production.
  • What will be the correct electronics assembly quality (SMT CLASS)?
  • What is the provided assurance for the quality of the production? (COC/COT).


  • Who will pay for shipments of the material to the factory?
  • Is there any storage cost? Is there an insurance to the stored material?
  • What are the shipment terms? Does the factory provide drop shipment? What will be the charge of shipment paperwork?

We will support your business through all supply chain process flow, from material purchase to costumer support.

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