Production Launch

If you have reached mass production - congratulations! This means that you are now going to manufacture your product from hundreds to thousands, a process both stressful and costly. You will want the process to go forward as flawlessly as possible.

It is most important to have an experienced engineer on-board to troubleshoot these problems.

We handle mass production both locally and globally, from all required aspects:

  • Preparation of manufacturing and material files
  • Organizing the procedures and documentations
  • Design all test systems (test jigs) for production
  • Handle all communication to the manufacturing plant

The production process itself requires tight supervision, and the best supervision is done on the actual manufacturing site.

For clients who require this service, we provide on-site support around the world.

A short movie filmed during a trip to a production plant in China. Notice the moving assembly line method used in this plant.

If you like what you see, let’s work together